Does Journeys Take Afterpay? Your Ultimate Guide

Does Journeys Take Afterpay? Your Ultimate Guide: If you’re a fan of trendy footwear and accessories, then you’ve probably heard of Journeys. With over 1,200 stores across the United States and an extensive online presence, Journeys is a popular destination for people of all ages looking to make a fashion statement. One question that many customers have is whether Journeys accepts Afterpay as a payment method. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Afterpay and whether Journeys offers this payment option.

Does Journeys Take Afterpay
Does Journeys Take Afterpay?

Does Journeys Take Afterpay?

The answer to this question is a bit complicated. Journeys does accept Afterpay as a payment method, but only for online purchases. This means that if you want to use Afterpay to purchase shoes or accessories from Journeys, you’ll need to make your purchase on their website. Unfortunately, Afterpay is not currently available as a payment option for in-store purchases at Journeys.

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How Does Afterpay Work?

Afterpay is a popular payment method that allows customers to split their purchase into four interest-free payments. The payments are scheduled every two weeks, and no interest is applied if each payment is made on schedule. Afterpay provides an appealing solution for customers who desire to make purchases but prefer not to pay for the entire cost upfront. Afterpay allows shoppers to split the payment into four interest-free instalments and making it easier for them to manage their finances.

To use AfterpDoes Airbnb take Afterpay? Yes or No?ay, customers need to create an account on the Afterpay website or app. Once the account is created, customers can link their debit or credit card to their Afterpay account. Then, when they make a purchase, they can select Afterpay as their payment method at checkout. Afterpay will then charge the first installment of the purchase price to the linked card, and customers will be responsible for making the remaining payments.

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Is Afterpay Right for You?

Although Afterpay is a viable payment alternative for a vast majority of people, it may not be the most optimal option for everyone’s specific circumstances. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Afterpay allows customers to split their purchase into four interest-free payments, making it easier to budget for larger purchases.
  • There is no credit check required to use Afterpay, making it a great option for people with lower credit scores.
  • Afterpay is available at many popular retailers, making it a convenient payment option for online shopping.


  • Afterpay requires customers to make payments every two weeks, which may be difficult for some people to manage.
  • Late payments can result in fees and a negative impact on credit scores.
  • Afterpay may encourage people to overspend and make purchases they can’t afford.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q: Can I use Afterpay to purchase shoes in-store at Journeys?
A: No, Afterpay is not currently available as a payment option for in-store purchases at Journeys. It is only available for online purchases on the Journeys website.

Q: Is there a minimum purchase amount required to use Afterpay at Journeys?
A: Yes, the minimum purchase amount for Afterpay at Journeys is $35.

Q: Can I return items purchased with Afterpay?
A: Yes, you can return items purchased with Afterpay. If you return an item, the Afterpay installment payments will be adjusted accordingly.

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